Synecdoche: Eduard Sanromà, Ep. 2

I didn’t like the vineyard, I didn’t like wine,
I didn’t like any of this. I guess it’s usual,
when you grow up in a business this sometimes creates kind of a distance. When I started studying oenology,
especially during professional studies, I realized that all I had and all I wanted to do
was coming from here, from our vineyard And at the end, when you start
falling in love with the landscape, especially with the region, the varieties,
with the maritime influence, with this air that can heal the soul…
Then you start to feel good. There was a moment that I’ve said alright,
let’s give it a try, I want to stay, we are a family of winegrowers
who have given everything for this land, I had to continue with it,
even if I ended making my own wine or not, Now I have the motivation that I own my cellar,
that I make my own wine… Every day you go to work so at the end
someone can open a bottle of your own wine, from your own vineyard, planted by your grandfather…
It’s very pleasant. This is not like any other job,
it takes one year to make a product… to harvest a product, and when this one arrives to the cellar
you have to transform this product into something valuable. And still you hear wine is expensive,
Well, wine is expensive… For me Coca-cola is expensive,
that is made in a second. A person who makes wine, not only me, but anyone else,
is an artist. because brings his/her creativity to places
sometimes quite unexpected. And it’s a job about thinking, about reflecting,
about having everything well under control. And you have to work interfering the less possible
so that the wines can be expressed in their entirety, at the same time of being careful all the time
because you’re making a food product. It’s fermenting with native yeast,
not using comercial yeast, Producing less alcohol to achieve Mediterranean flavours…
Coming back to our roots. The idea of the cellar is to bring all native varieties to the limit, I try to recover things from the past,
now I’m making macerated white wine, that means fermenting with the skins like red wine,
it’s very unusual. Those white wines instead of tasting like pineapple, pear…
It’s completely the opposite, taste like forest, wild chamomile, anise…
Mediterranean plants, native from the region, so when someone opens a bottle of Celler Sanromà
at the same time is discovering Vila-rodona, is discovering Alt Camp. You have to make wine depending on your personality,
a wine has to be an extension of yourself. There is this trend that we have to make wines
similar to the ones in France, no way, we have to make wines from here,
there was already wine in here when they started, We have to go back to do our own wine, The top wine regions of the world are famous
because they never stopped making their own wine. The way my parents always worked, taking the grapes to the cooperative,
makes you loose the trackability, perhaps you buy wine from that cellar
but you don’t know if your grapes are there or not. however in my cellar, because I use my own grapes,
you know exactly what’s in my wine. Changing the business model was complicated… (the family) couldn’t understand it, saying:
I’ve been all my life working very hard… …so you could have it easy
and now you come here and change it. But at the end the wine quality is better. It’s all about improving, closing the cercle,
wanting to do something more, it’s the way winemakers are,
wanting to do, wanting to improve, always wanting more and better… And that’s wonderful. You go to work thinking on your father, on your grandfather,
on all those people who have been here before me, and on the change that we’ve done,
sometimes my father… He’s very stubborn talking about varieties,
he wants to work the ones that he knows, the ones that made him great
and feels strong when cultivating them. Sometimes you plant something and he says: it’s not going to work.
Then you wake up every morning saying… “I will work hard to show you that it works”,
because you can’t fail your own father, you don’t want to fail him. But when everything starts falling to place is beautiful,
you can see it on my parent’s eyes, on my grandparent’s eyes… It’s fulfilling. Celler Sanromà is not only me,
I’m its face, I’m the tip of the iceberg, but the cellar is of all the family,
and we all work towards the same direction. My parents have put everything they have
so I could make this, and again, I make the wine, I do the choices,
I sell it and I do the wine I want, but if my parents wouldn’t have supported me from the beginning,
I wouldn’t be making wine right now.


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