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Absinthe | How to Drink

Hi, I’m Greg and this is how to drink. I’ve never worked in a bar, been a bar back, been a bar apprentice been in… I’ve been in bars, I’ve been in a lot of bars. This is how to drink, a show about making cocktails and drinking them. Let’s get going. Today we’re going

Irish People Taste Test French Alcohol

[Both]: Deux, trois! [Nicole]: Ahhhh! No… It… [Laura]: La la la la la la [Darren]: French alcohol. [Kellie]: Yeah. [Darren] So I’m expecting, like, garlic flavored beer and.. you know, cheese flavored wine, and all that [Nicole]: Wine! They like their wine. [Laura]: Oh, wine.. [Colin]: F***ing hate wine. Strong stance to take, I know!

Types of Alcohol

In this unit, we will discuss the names of popular types of alcohol from across the world. [MUSIC] Absinthe is a green-coloured, anise and fennel flavoured liqueur made with wormwood and herbs. It has more than 60% alcohol and has a bitter taste. Alcopop is a sweet fizzy alcoholic drink with a very low alcoholic