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How Much Alcohol is Too Much?

Have you heard this comment from someone you know? I don’t have a problem. I only drink beer or wine on weekends with friends just to be social, relax, and have a good time. Social drinking doesn’t sound harmful, does it? And some people think drinks like beer don’t really count as alcohol. Unfortunately, neither

Beer in Video Games

Beer [song with “beer” as pitched sample playing melody] Beer Beer Beer [repeated in time to music, slowly growing more deranged] [terrible, terrible music] Back in my highs… college days uhhuhu tomfoolery, when I didn’t, uh, drop out, I was known to frequent the Summer Shandies. The Edward Forty Handies. The Midnight Moonlight. Bud Light,

Amazing Beer Production

Hey guys, thanks for joining me. This is Chogyal from Phuntsholing, Bhutan. Right now I’m here at Pasakha beer factory & today the weather seems very clear and really awesome. Let’s find out what’s there inside. Okay guys, let’s see how the beer is made. Beer is made from water & cereal grains specially the

A brief history of alcohol – Rod Phillips

This chimpanzee stumbles across a windfall of overripe plums. Many of them have split open, drawing him to their intoxicating fruity odor. He gorges himself and begins to experience some… strange effects. This unwitting ape has stumbled on a process that humans will eventually harness to create beer, wine, and other alcoholic drinks. The sugars