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Spaghetti Bolognese Recipe

Bolognese is a traditional Italian meat sauce. Most commonly served with spaghetti this can can also be used for many other dishes. Here’s my take on it. Like most meat sauces they get better the longer you cook them so I usually try and make this on the weekend when I have a little more

Sauce Bolognese with red wine

Köttfärssås med rödvin 4 stora portioner. 500 gram köttfärs 3 dl rött vin 4 msk tomatpuré 1 tärning grönsaksbuljong 2 msk smör 400 ml krossade tomater 2 klyftor vitlök Färsk eller torkad timjan Färsk eller torkad rosmarin Färsk eller torkad basilika 1 morot 1 gul lök 2 klyftor vitlök 2 msk olivolja 1 msk smör