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Tasting Wine the Right Way

Best way to test wine without looking like an (bleep)? That’s not it. Michael Dorf is founder of City Winery in New York. He bottles, sells and drinks wine. He knows how to make it look good. Number one, the stare. Hold glass at an angle away from you, make eye contact with the wine.

Wine Bottle Size

Hey Tasters! Ever wondered why a wine bottle only has a capacity for 750 ml? Why not a litre? There are many theories around this. Most of them are wrong. For example, some speculate that since the bottles were made of blown glass, the 750 ml size must have been the average capacity of a

FLY WINE Penušava vina/Sparkling wine

In this episode of FlyWine we will be opening sparkling wine Sparkling wine is different from other wines because it contains bubbles or carbon monoxide Sparkling wines are produced all over the world and they are usually white and rarely rose (pink), even though due to the latest trends people now more often make rose