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Trump planning $2.4bn tariffs on French wine, cheese and handbags in new trade war

 Donald Trump’s administration has announced plans to charge tariffs on $2.4bn (£1 9bn) worth of French imports – including Roquefort cheese, handbags, lipstick and champagne – in retaliation for France’s tax on American tech giants such as Google, Amazon and Facebook  The Office of the US Trade Representative claimed France’s new digital services tax discriminated

Synonyms of Pinot Noir – Wine Information

Pinot Noir has been a very popular red wine grape variety, originating from France, more particularly from the Burgundy wine region of France. But it’s been adopted all around Europe. Different synonyms, different countries calling it different names. Let’s start with Italy that calls it simply Pinot Nero, Pino Nero. Pinot Nero is grown mainly