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Animate My Life | Guava Juice

Hi, my name is Roy. Today I’m going to draw my life. Psych! I’m going to animate my life. Let’s get started. So when my mom and dad got married, they– wait, wait, that’s way too far. Let’s fast forward just a little bit. It was August 21, 1991, and a new baby was born.

Put Your Phone Away | HOT DATE

(neon sign buzzing) (phone buzzes and chimes) – Holy shit! One of the Stranger Things kids got a DUI. – I thought you were taking my picture. – Man, they grow up so fast. – All right, let’s put the phones away. You know, there was a time when two people could go out and

Americans Try Russian Drinks

– What the fuuuu– – I’m Russian, this guy right here is American. – I’m Russian. – I’m clearly the American. – It’s very cold here. – Of course she has a Russian jacket. – What kind of drinks are you expecting? – I think of Wodka, with a W. – That’s it, vodka? –