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[Eng,Kor sub] Mold wine?! but tastes like smoothie? red rice wine 빨간 곰팡이 막걸리, 붉은 원숭이와 술취한 원숭이

Mold. Ohhh. My favourite flavour. Mold – that’s what it was. I was like – oh this is so familiar! It’s mold! cause I like disgusting stuff! Hi I’m Alina and I ‘m from Latvia. Hi I’m Hannah and I’m from England. Hi I’m Justyna and I’m from Poland. Today, we have traditional Korean liquor

Ukrainian wheat vodka recipe

Hello dear moonshiners! Today I gonna make home brew based on wheat wild yeast for rye or popularly wild moonshine. I saw on the forums, that exactly this moonshine has better taste than moonshine based on simple yeast At first you must prepare come-through. so the basis of home brew. For this you need: 1