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Changing Garden

♪♪ COLLEEN: It’s a great time of year to evaluate your landscape at home. How has it aged? Is it time for a refresh? Take a hard look and ask yourself, and your plants, some rather difficult questions. It’s difficult to judge plants and say, “Well, you’re too old,” or, “You’re too mature. “You’re too

$8 Pasta Vs. $100 Pasta

(exciting fast music) – Oh, what’s up? Hey, Andrew! How’s it going? No come on, let’s go, I got another food adventure for us. – What are we eating? – Pasta. – All right. – Yeah, that’s right. (fun rhythmic music) This guy right here, that’s my boy. Woo hoo, let’s go! – This is

Local Agriculture – America’s Heartland: Episode 913

America’s Heartland is made possible by… Farm Credit – Financing agriculture and rural America since 1916. Farm Credit is cooperatively owned by America’s farmers and ranchers. Learn more at farmcredit.com CropLife America – Representing the companies whose modern farming innovations help America’s farmers provide nutritious food for communities around the globe.  >>Hi I’m Jason Shoultz.

Wegmans Red Wine Sauce

One of my secrets is to always have some, sort of, prepared items; whether it’s in the refrigerator or in the freezer. And I’m gonna make a red wine sauce today. It’s something I always have on hand; super, super versatile, freezes well; and if you’ve got around even– sometimes I’ll freeze it in ice