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Easy Bolognese Recipe | Jamie Oliver

Hello you lovely people. Jamie here. So we’re gonna do an incredible classic family-friendly beautiful ragu. Perfect as a base for loads of great dishes like spaghetti bolognaise lasagne, chilli and cannelloni. It’s economical. Filling. Dead easy to knock up in a big batch and store in the freezer. Plus it’s a great way to

A video case study on Burch Family Wines

TRANSCRIPT [VOICEOVER] Australia’s award-winning wines are among the best in the world, known for their quality, diversity and value. [VOICEOVER] Australian wine is increasingly popular with North Asia’s growing middle-class consumers, who are developing a taste for high-end premium products. [VOICEOVER] Australia’s free trade agreements with China, Japan and Korea will see wine tariffs of

Synecdoche: Eduard Sanromà, Ep. 2

I didn’t like the vineyard, I didn’t like wine, I didn’t like any of this. I guess it’s usual, when you grow up in a business this sometimes creates kind of a distance. When I started studying oenology, especially during professional studies, I realized that all I had and all I wanted to do was