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New – How to get the best wine delivery system

Everybody’s a winner with wine on tap, in effect. It’s better for the consumer. They’re getting a fresher glass with better value. It’s better for the restaurants. They’re reducing waste, improving their environmental credentials, and they’re making a saving. Better for us as a distributor, we’re able to improve our efficiency in shipping and warehousing

Discover Evoi Wines

Evoi started with two barrels of Chardonnay in ’07 and since then I gradually brought in a complete range because, you get hungry with only two wines. So I needed a core range to make it more commercial. The range at the moment for Evoi is a pretty classical Margaret River range. It’s a SBS,

Evening – Indulge – Red Wine

– [Narrator] Is red wine part of your nightly routine? If so, you may be reducing your risk for heart disease while enjoying a delicious adult beverage. Studies have shown that red wine can improve your good cholesterol levels, reduce the risk of blood clots, and, overall, moderate wine drinkers do have a lower risk