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Luc Pirlet Cabernet Sauvignon Wine

[MUSIC PLAYING] [FRENCH] friends of wine. Welcome to the Pay d’oc. Pay d’oc is a classification below the [INAUDIBLE] country in France. Yeah, look at this bottle. It’s an interesting story. It’s named Luc Pirlet. Luc Pirlet is a fascinating guy, a [INAUDIBLE] that love French wine. So he set up a little negotiations company

Dry Farm Wines in France: Domaine Arsac

Vinefication, people like you come here to see that. You are my best ambassabor for my work. All of the Domaine is certified organic. Since 2014. The certification is not only marketing. It is a conviction and philosophy, For the wine maker. We make also biodynamic practice We work with the moon calendar For the