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Festival of Wines is October 3

((SUSANNE)) THE 15TH ANNUAL FESTIVAL OF WINES KICKS OFF AT DICKEYá STEPHENS PARK THURSDAY. CHEF BRADY HARTWICK AND MICHELLE RUPP JOIN US THIS MORNING TO GIVE US A SMALL TASTE OF WHAT WILL BE THERE. áááááááááááááááááááááááááááááááááááá áááá Guests: Chef Brady Hartwick and Michelle Rupp á both are with Arkansas Heart Hospital which is the Festival

Hotel Omm Barcelona

Other facilities include a spa, and complete health club and a rooftop indoor/outdoor pool. (10/07 dv) A singular facade of six floors, with a slab of light stone with rectangular sections peeled back like the pages of a book, revealing the guest room windows underneath. This unique and original masterpiece is located right in the