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Wine tasting LEALTANZA Crianza DOC Rioja

Welcome to Altanza winery! I am Nerea Guzman, the marketing and communication director at the winery. I’d like to introduce you one of our flagship wines: “Lealtanza Crianza”, which owes its name to the word “lealtad” in ancient Spanish it means “loyalty”, because in our winery we preserve traditional values, in spite of modernity. It’s

Wine Tasting Basics: Why Slurp a Wine?

[Slurping] OK, so you’ve probably seen people making all that noise before: Slurping their wine, what’s that all about? Well, first of all, it just gets under people’s skin, because they think it’s snooty… so I love that!! (laughing) But aside from being purely antagonistic, there is a real reason why you want to slurp

“Good Wine” for Beginners

Rebecca P.: Have you ever wondered what makes a wine good? Why is one wine considered better than another, and why does this one cost 10 bucks? And this one costs 75? Rebecca P.: I’m Rebecca Rose Phillips, certified wino and official taco advocate. In this video, I’m going to give you three easy ways