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Andy Mineo – Paisano’s Wylin’ ft. Marty of Social Club

Swerve banzini fugetaboutit paisano’s wylin’, paisano’s wylin’ aisano’s wylin’, paisano’s wylin’ red wine on everything, red wine on everything red wine on everything last call, it won’t cost you anything I stay wylin’, I stay wylin’ I stay wylin’, paisano’s wylin’ banzini say I won’t rock Fubu, sucka I don’t do what you do, sucka

red red wine Austrian Parody 2016

Christmaswine pour in some more ´cause without alcohol the halo looses it´s shine Christmaswine you taste so fine in full meditation I look inside our cup and drink like a pig with out you it is senceless Christmas would be without spirit but with you in store I feel christmas even more christmas wine pour