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$8 Pasta Vs. $100 Pasta

(exciting fast music) – Oh, what’s up? Hey, Andrew! How’s it going? No come on, let’s go, I got another food adventure for us. – What are we eating? – Pasta. – All right. – Yeah, that’s right. (fun rhythmic music) This guy right here, that’s my boy. Woo hoo, let’s go! – This is

Bad Boys On TikTok

What’s up, Greg, I hope you’re all having a great day! Welcome back to my channel, and welcome back to another episode of “How To Be a Bad Boy.” That’s right, in my last video I showed you tips and tricks on how to be a good boy, but today, we’re taking all of it

Irish People Try Mulled Wines

– [Patrick] Hi guys, welcome back to “Facts.” channel. Today – – [Nicole] We’re getting drunk again! – [Nicole] It’s wine with, like, fruit. – [Patrick] *hisses* – [Dónal] It smells like beautiful mulled wine. – [Paddy] Oh, it’s cinnamon! It’s cinnamon. – [Dónal] Beautiful apple. – [Nicole] Oh my God. That is amazing! –