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Wegmans Red Wine Sauce

One of my secrets is to always have some, sort of, prepared items; whether it’s in the refrigerator or in the freezer. And I’m gonna make a red wine sauce today. It’s something I always have on hand; super, super versatile, freezes well; and if you’ve got around even– sometimes I’ll freeze it in ice

Happy Hour Special

– Satisfying our tastebuds with local ingredient-filled foods is an experience we’ve enjoyed many times on this show, but chewing is not the only way to enjoy the flavors of our state. There are some amazing drinks out there, too. I’m Charity Nebbe.On this special episode ofIowa Ingredient,we’ll learn about syrups, wine, and beerscrafted right

Spaghetti Bolognese Recipe

Bolognese is a traditional Italian meat sauce. Most commonly served with spaghetti this can can also be used for many other dishes. Here’s my take on it. Like most meat sauces they get better the longer you cook them so I usually try and make this on the weekend when I have a little more