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What are tannins in wine?

Hey Tasters! When experienced wine drinkers taste wine, they often refer to its tannins. But what are wine tannins? Tannins are part of the defense mechanism of many plants, including grapes. They are transported to the wine through the pomace. That is, the seeds, the peel and the stems of the grapes. That’s why we

Château La Gaffelière – Saint-Emilion Grand Cru Wine Information & Pronunciation

Chateau La Gaffelière. Chateau La Gaffelière. Chateau La Gaffelière. The typical French pronunciation: Chateau La Gaffelière. Chateau La Gaffelière is a Premier Grand Cru Classé, a first growth, a classified growth of the famous 2012 classification of the wines of Saint Emilion in the Bordeaux wine region of France. Chateau La Gaffelière is one of