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Wine Tasting Basics: Why Slurp a Wine?

[Slurping] OK, so you’ve probably seen people making all that noise before: Slurping their wine, what’s that all about? Well, first of all, it just gets under people’s skin, because they think it’s snooty… so I love that!! (laughing) But aside from being purely antagonistic, there is a real reason why you want to slurp

Wine Cocktail | Commandaria

Hey Tasters! A couple of weeks ago I was invited to a very special event by a group of wine lovers called OenoArt, at Cava Perianos, in Nicosia. And while I was there I met this very special gentleman. His name is Constantinos Constantinou. In fact, his name is Dr Constantinos Constantinou. He’s a dentist.

American Wines to Drink on Thanksgiving

– I’m Patrick Capiello from Pearl & Ash restaurant in New York City. Today we’re going to talk about Thanksgiving wines that I love to drink. (rock music) For me, I’m a believer in the idea of having wines for Thanksgiving from the United States. It’s kinda our holiday, so it doesn’t make any sense

Synonyms of Pinot Noir – Wine Information

Pinot Noir has been a very popular red wine grape variety, originating from France, more particularly from the Burgundy wine region of France. But it’s been adopted all around Europe. Different synonyms, different countries calling it different names. Let’s start with Italy that calls it simply Pinot Nero, Pino Nero. Pinot Nero is grown mainly

Greek Wine in 3 Minutes – Xinomavro

What is up guys? I’m Julien the French winemaking guy who makes wine videos… Yes! Wine videos here on YouTube… I’m back with 2-3-minute video about Greek wine. Today, this is part of Julien’s Wine School series, this series… where we learn, step by step, everything that you should know about wine, and this is