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Kamik Merlot SKU:8712413

Hey there, I’m Def from Kamik and here’s the Merlot The upper of this boot is made of waterproof nylon and ripstop material with an elastic on the top collar to stay snug on your leg The tongue is completely closed and sealed so that no snow can get in and there’s also an easy

Alcohol and Drug Counseling Certificate

(calm music) – The new certificate here in UNK we’ve been offering since 2016, is the alcohol and drug counseling graduate certificate, and it allows for graduate students and people who have the master’s degree to get the education necessary to become an alcohol and drug counselor. It’s a sequence of three courses, and then

MERLOT Peer Reviews

I think peer reviewing this activities kind of raises the level of scholarship on them. (Michelle) I think it is a great experience. It’s a good learning experience, it’s a good learning opportunity. (Elizabeth) I don’t know if everybody always has the opportunity to express their opinions about something. and I think it is an

The Muslim Drink

There’s a drug so popular that you can find it anywhere on Earth. It doesn’t matter your religion, your ethnicity, your class, your gender, you’ll find users. And yet, despite how popular it is, no countries have banned it. Despite how many users it has, there are very few rehab centres. We’ve been using this