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Australian Wine Unmatched: Raw Power

Here we go! Swirl. Smell. Taste. TARAS: Spit it out. That’s it. I drank some. We’re in trouble now. (UPBEAT MUSIC) I’m Taras Ochota. I’ve got a little winery called Ochota Barrels. I had a misspent youth playing in punk bands and I sort of love that edginess and sort of play the top string

Scotch Experts Review Cheap Whiskey

– My grandfather always told me that breakfast is the most important drink of the day. (upbeat music) The word whisky comes from an old Gaelic word called, “uisce beatha”. Uisce beatha means, “water of life”. – I like the way that when you’re drinking it, you’re drinking art and history. – What I look

Local Agriculture – America’s Heartland: Episode 913

America’s Heartland is made possible by… Farm Credit – Financing agriculture and rural America since 1916. Farm Credit is cooperatively owned by America’s farmers and ranchers. Learn more at farmcredit.com CropLife America – Representing the companies whose modern farming innovations help America’s farmers provide nutritious food for communities around the globe.  >>Hi I’m Jason Shoultz.


So.. I’m gonna become… (clap) ..a bartender! (dramatic music) + (montage) Here we go. The first drink, everybody! The first tri- (burps) Jesus! What happened? First drink is whiskey. All right, now. I’m not a stranger to whiskey. Oh shit! Holy shit! I’m fucking good at this, boy. (groans) I’m pouring into my eyes. My