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Quality of the MERLOT Collection

Merlot: Quality of the Collection There are several ways to evaluate the quality of materials in the MERLOT Collection On a Material’s Detail page, the Quality box on the right is the best place to start MERLOT has over 20 discipline-specific Editorial Boards which evaluate materials as they are added to the collection For more

What On Earth is Peated Whisky? | School of Spirits

Chocolate chip cookies, viagra, and peated whiskey. Nope, this isn’t one of those “which one doesn’t belong” brain-teasers. It’s a list of beautiful accidents, unintended discoveries which, since launch, have efficiently aroused us. But what exactly is peated whiskey and how is it different from normal whiskey? Well, like hip-hop, it’s all in the production.

5 AMAZING FACTS || Magic Vodca

Hey everybody! It’s your favorite beverage, Magic Vodca! Because this is my first proper video, I thought I would do 5 facts about me! I’m abedexterous! (blooobloo!) I have double-jointed fingers! Spooky! I can crochet, which is why I’m often accused of being the Grandma Friend ™ This is the scarf I made! It’s longer