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Wine Cocktail | Commandaria

Hey Tasters! A couple of weeks ago I was invited to a very special event by a group of wine lovers called OenoArt, at Cava Perianos, in Nicosia. And while I was there I met this very special gentleman. His name is Constantinos Constantinou. In fact, his name is Dr Constantinos Constantinou. He’s a dentist.

American Wines to Drink on Thanksgiving

– I’m Patrick Capiello from Pearl & Ash restaurant in New York City. Today we’re going to talk about Thanksgiving wines that I love to drink. (rock music) For me, I’m a believer in the idea of having wines for Thanksgiving from the United States. It’s kinda our holiday, so it doesn’t make any sense

Rosé Wine FAQs

Hey Tasters! My inbox on Instagram seems to be receiving a lot of questions about rosé wine lately. I’ve already answered them want one, but it seems to me that rosé is causing some anxiety out there. Relax! Rosé is a chilled wine literally and figuratively. So, here on my phone I have your most