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Wine Tasting at Zambartas Winery Cyprus 2018

The highlight of our visit to Zambartas Wineries was tasting their celebrated wine. Marleen Zambartas and I bonded over three very special wines that her husband, and celebrated vigneron, Marcos Zambartas has created. Enjoy the tasting video! Hey Tasters! This is Annabelle McVine. WineScribble is out on the road again. We are here at the

[월드식품박람회&월드와인및주류박람회] 시음만 100잔?! 유산균으로 해장, 가즈아~~~! //밥술한잔 #086 짬뽕으로마신날

Hi ~ 2019 World Wine & Liquor Fair Today I visited Ilsan KINTEX World Liquor Fair. All-you-can-drink & rice! Wine made of apples. I can’t remember the taste. German wine, Gluhwein Boiled wine known as vinsho. It’s a finished product, so you just need to warm it up. In Europe, it is said to drink