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The Wines of Barolo and Barbaresco

(gentle orchestral music)>>(narrator) In the northwest corner of Italy, surrounded on three sides by the mountains of the Alps, lies one of the world’s great wine and food regions. (gentle orchestral music) In Italian, “Piemonte” can literally be translated as “at the foot of the mountains.” Famous for its mushrooms, cheese, and its pasta, the

The Wines of Alto Adige

(playful guitar music)>>(narrator) Between the countries of Switzerland, Austria, and Italy lies an autonomous Italian province, known to its native German-speaking population as “South Tyrol,” but more commonly referred to by its Italian name, “Alto Adige.” (playful guitar music) Alto Adige, with its capital city of Bolzano, is the most northern Italian province.>>(with accent) We

The Wines of Washington

(folk music, fiddle)>>(narrator) Eastern Washington State has a rich agricultural heritage. While famous for the quality of its apples and sweet onions, Washington is also a major grower of wheat and hops. But increasingly, the world is taking notice of the quality of its fine wines.>>Washington’s wine industry has gone through a tremendous, tremendously rapid

The Wines of Northern Rhône

(tranquil guitar music)>>(narrator) The Rhône River in Southern France has been a cradle of viticulture for more than 2,500 years. Most vineyards grow in the warm southern valley near the Mediterranean coast. Upriver, the valley narrows and cools and the hillsides grow steeper. (tranquil guitar music) Distinct from its southern counterpart in climate, size, and

The Wines of Champagne

(classical piano music)>>(narrator) Champagne is perhaps the most recognizable wine in the world and its effervescence is synonymous with luxury and celebration.>>(with French accent) First of all, you know that Champagne is about 150 kilometers from Paris in a region called le Bassin Parisien. Bassin means a “bowl.” And it’s a bowl because it’s an

The Wines of Tuscany

(passionate Italian folk music)>>(narrator) The central Italian region of Tuscany evokes thoughts of rolling hills, sunbathed vineyards, olive trees, and historic architecture.>>(with Italian accent) In Tuscany, you can find the culture, history, food, wine, mountain, sea. It’s a magic place.>>(narrator) Long dominated by the city-states of Sienna and Florence, this was the birthplace of the

The Wines of Alsace

(gentle piano music)>>(narrator) Located on France’s eastern border, Alsace is one of Europe’s great gastronomic treasures. Its unique local cuisine, part German and part French, is perfectly complemented by a rich selection of worldclass white wines. (gentle piano music)>>(with French accent) Now, Alsace is a very narrow region that is sitting between, on the left,

The Wines of Sonoma County

(gentle guitar music)>>(narrator) Stretching from the cool Pacific Coast to warmer inland valleys, Sonoma County is one of the most climatically diverse regions in California.>>Sonoma’s one of the rare places in the world where you can grow varieties as diverse as Zinfandel or Mouvèdre or Cabernet or Pinot Noir. There is no “there,” in a

The Wines of Bordeaux’s Right Bank

(playful music box music)>>(narrator) Bordeaux is the largest wine region in France, and historically the world’s most important. Its emblematic name conjures a single image, but the region, which produces five times more wine than Burgundy, is made up of over three dozen separately regulated appellations. (playful music box music) The Médoc, with its famous