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Oklahoma Wine Trail

Andy Barth: Hello, everyone. Thanks for joining us here on “Horizon.” I’m Andy Barth; Rob McClendon is away this week. When people think of Oklahoma agriculture, things like cattle and wheat come to mind. But thanks to a dedicated group of agriculturalists, wine is hitting the Oklahoma scene in a big way. Today, more than

Visiting a French Winery Run by Veterans

(gentle music) (birds chirping) – [Narrator] In the green fields of Provence, in southeastern France, lies a unique winery, one operated entirely by French veterans. (vibrant music) The Domaine du Capitaine Danjou Winery has 100 acres of grape vines, and overseeing them all right is Alan Lonjarret. (speaking in foreign language) – [Narrator] The fields

Château La Gaffelière – Saint-Emilion Grand Cru Wine Information & Pronunciation

Chateau La Gaffelière. Chateau La Gaffelière. Chateau La Gaffelière. The typical French pronunciation: Chateau La Gaffelière. Chateau La Gaffelière is a Premier Grand Cru Classé, a first growth, a classified growth of the famous 2012 classification of the wines of Saint Emilion in the Bordeaux wine region of France. Chateau La Gaffelière is one of