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Behind the Wine: Amici Cellars

[MUSIC PLAYING] What we wanted to do was be able to make a wine that we could enjoy with our friends. And one of the people there said, amici. And most of us said, well, what does that mean? And it’s friends in Italian. It can come from anywhere in California. There’s some years we’re

Cooper’s Hawk Winery & Restaurants

Our philosophy of winemaking at Cooper’s Hawk is really about creating the best wines from the very best grapes that we source from all over the country, and ultimately putting together blends that are truly designed for our Wine Club Members in mind. This enables us to create a certain profile and style that we

Welcome to Tasty Tales! (2)

Dutch winegrowing is a pioneering business and that’s what makes it a challenge, doesn’t it? I like a challenge! Of course, some people said we were crazy… “Who on earth would start a vineyard in the Netherlands, it will never work!” Good wine grapes are only available for two, three weeks a year… so I