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Donya Snake in Wines DB

Snake it’s still painful. Dont feel sad coz that will make you ugly. You wont look like me, pretty. Come to me at WINES DB Where? Wines DB deaf! When there are wines, no one will break our hearts, no one will leave us You are late. Cheers! Did you know that wines here. can

Wine & Cheese Tasting Event

Hi, I’m Jennifer Kross and I’m on the Board of Directors for The Arts Center and with me I have our local sommelier Karla Sandness. We are here to promote the Wine and Cheese Tasting our annual event. It is being held January 19th at 7:00 pm here at The Arts Center. Our theme this

What are tannins in wine?

Hey Tasters! When experienced wine drinkers taste wine, they often refer to its tannins. But what are wine tannins? Tannins are part of the defense mechanism of many plants, including grapes. They are transported to the wine through the pomace. That is, the seeds, the peel and the stems of the grapes. That’s why we