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How to Make Your Own Mead

>>I’ve never had mead.>>What, wait, really? >>Really?>>I have never. Actually, I take that back. I’ve had honey and theoretically if I’ve had yeast and I’ve had water. So, in theory, I’ve had all the building blocks of,>>Yeah all the parts ready, you just let them sit together long enough to make anything happen.>>And that existed

Winter Beers | Our Favs

Hi, I’m Henry. I’m the beer buyer here at Market of Choice in Bend, ready to give you some winter suggestions for beer. When I think of a winter beer, I think of something bigger and bolder, whether it be ABV or body of the beer. I’m most drawn to a nice bourbon barrel stout

Put Your Phone Away | HOT DATE

(neon sign buzzing) (phone buzzes and chimes) – Holy shit! One of the Stranger Things kids got a DUI. – I thought you were taking my picture. – Man, they grow up so fast. – All right, let’s put the phones away. You know, there was a time when two people could go out and

Pingza, it’s a wine thing

have you ever wandered lost and confused down endless supermarket wine aisles? then, Pingza is for you or have you ever worried about what wine to take to Nick’s birthday party or what to drink with you lasagna then Pingza is for you we all love wine but most of us are confident in it