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“ไม่ขอ” เพลงประกอบภาพยนตร์ “คืนนั้น red Wine in the dark Night” – Official Audio

I asked myself do I feel tired. I asked myself do I feel hurt. When I hear the song… The song you listened with me. When you leave me Abandoned everything I did with from my heart. Doesn’t matter how much I love you. Doesn’t matter how much I adore you. I won’t ask for

Australian Wine Unmatched: Raw Power

Here we go! Swirl. Smell. Taste. TARAS: Spit it out. That’s it. I drank some. We’re in trouble now. (UPBEAT MUSIC) I’m Taras Ochota. I’ve got a little winery called Ochota Barrels. I had a misspent youth playing in punk bands and I sort of love that edginess and sort of play the top string