Take a look inside the new Wegmans opening in Raleigh on Sunday

[MUSIC] Hot drinks, cold drinks, lattes,
cappuccinos, smoothies and you’re seeing employees train. You’re seeing them prepare products. So just to tell you, this is a big store. I’m gonna try to move at a pretty
fast clip, if that’s okay. This is our cookie shop. We have bagels. We have muffins, donuts. This is where all of our
specialty desserts are. The famous burger bar. Maple onion. That’s my favorite and we’ll show you in a few minutes that
we have a very nice seating area. We are cutting fresh fish here. We partner with suppliers as
close to the store as possible, but really all over the world and
all over the US and we are really very focused
on sustainable seafood. So you can get marinated chicken breast,
for example, in a family pack or in a smaller
size if that’s what you choose. Obviously, the savings,
the advantages of the family pack, you can save up to 30% if you’re buying
family pack over the conventional size. So I’m just gonna kinda
give you a walk around to show you all of the wonderful
cheeses that we offer. So it’s really impossible
to appreciate this, unless it’s fully merchandise,
but this is a misting case. You’re gonna see that many of our
cheeses are marked as cave-ripened. We have our own cheese caves in Rochester. Now, that’s not a cave carved
into the side of a mountain. It’s a facility that’s very high-tech, but it’s been designed to mimic
the environment of European cheese caves. So this is all gluten-free,
plant-based products. Just starting today in all of our stores, we’re selling Impossible Burger. Okay, so now we’re going to enter wines,
beers and spirits. Wines and beers are organized by region. They’re organized by type and
craft beers are alphabetized, so that they’re easy to find if
you’re looking for a favorite. [MUSIC] So we have a total of 31 check outs,
12 of which are self checkout. So you have the option of cashier
assisted or self-checkout. [MUSIC] [BLANK_AUDIO]

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