Taste This: Learning About Cava and Food Pairings at Gloria Ferrer in Sonoma

Taste This! is proudly brought to you by Total Wine & More. I’m always asked what my favorite wine is and I always say, it’s sparkling wine. Bubbles are my go to pick. I’m Leslie Sbrocco,
come on and Taste This. I love bubbles, I drink bubbles Eva. I know you do too. I do. We’re at Gloria Ferrer which
is a Spanish owned company and you’re Spanish. In Spain you drink bubbles with food. It’s not just about having a quick glass, which we can do of course. But it’s about pairing the
wine with food isn’t it? It is. Sparkling wine is meant to go with food, not just to sip it. It goes with so many different foods. It has the sweetness,
the acidity all combined, not that many wines can say
that they have both at the same, the same pack. And then you have the bubbles. – [Leslie] Yeah. So all of it pairs so
well with so many foods. – [Leslie] And the bubbles
just make you happy? Yes. So, we’ve got three wines in front of us. This is the Freixenet’s Brut Nature, which is Cava from Spain. The Cava which is how we call it in Spain, sparkling wine, it’s like Champagne. And Cava means cellar right in Catalan. It’s the one word that
we use, it means cave, it means it’s the wine, the process, one word for all. And it’s from North Eastern Spain? It’s just above Barcelona
and if you’re from Barcelona like me, that’s our local white wine. So we drink a lot of it. And the need of grape varieties
are things like xarello and parellada and macabeo. – [Eva] Yeah. Those grape varieties
that are not Chardonnay, not Pinot Noir, not Pinot
Meunier, that go into other sparkling wines around
the world, give to me that earthy complexity, but it still has a freshness to it. Very fruity but light. The Brut Nature means there’s
no sugar added whatsoever, so then you have the pure
dryness from the grapes because once it goes through
fermentation, the grapes, they start sweet but then end dry. This is about a $100
bottle of wine, right? Yes.
$80 or $100. Yes, this is Casa Sala, yes,
which is where Freixenet was originally made in. We still make the wine the same
way it was made pretty much in 1915, which was the very
first year of the Casa Sala, Freixenet Casa Sala. Then it’s what’s unique
also is it ages with a cork and the cork adds some of that flavor, but it also allows some air exchange. It is truly remarkable. This is a very, very high end Cava. I’m going to actually go
with the saltiest thing I can grab and I’m going
to go with whatever– Charlito. I’ve got here, a little Charlito. Salty and spicy. Okay. Oh my God, that’s beautiful. This is the Royal Cuvee. This is Gloria Ferrers. Yeah. Now we’ve moved back to California. Now we’re in California. We were in Spain, and now
we’ve moved back here. That’s right.
Very quickly. It’s a wine that we made
when the King and the Queen of Spain came to northern
California in 1987. We did a special blend for them. Ever since, we make a
few cases every year. Some years we skip it. It has to have very, very high quality to make that wine every year. Grape variety is totally different. Totally different. It’s 60% Pinot Noir, 40%
Chardonnay, so dominance of the Pinot Noir, of
course, will be there with a red raspberry flavors but it’s aged for seven years. Right. So it has a lot of complexity to it. What I like to tell people
is remember that you can make white wine from red grapes
and that’s what happens with sparkling wine. I would taste with a Manchego,
that makes the cheese like really have beautiful flavors because of the saltiness, it has fat and just the combination of both, the cheese will
explode in your mouth after you have a sip of Royal Cuvee. It is exploding. Ah! It really does and again,
there’s no rules to pairing food and wine, but there are guidelines. One of the guidelines is
certainly pairing fat with acid. Okay, let’s go to straight Rose. I can unabashedly say that
Rose is my absolute favorite. So Pinot Noir? Mostly Pinot Noir, yes, but
sometimes we use a little bit of Chardonnay in it to
give it a little acidity, but it is Pinot Noir. Rose’s are wines that
are under appreciated how difficult they are to make. It is the trickiest sparkling
wine to make because as we leave the skin in contact with
the juice to get the color, tannins get in there too. We all want tannins in our
Cabs and in our Merlots, even in our Pinot Noirs,
but who wants tannins in your sparkling wine. So you have a red wine that’s
treated like a white wine with bubbles in it. So it’s almost the perfect thing. Yeah. So it goes with just about everything. I’m going to pair it with spicy, actually. Good choice. So this is your almonds,
your special almond mixture and it has a kick, I’ll tell you. There’s a kick, yes. So. Mmm. Well, we’re going to sit
here and drink for the rest of the afternoon. Are you all right with that? Yeah, I’m okay. I’m sorry y’all can’t
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