Taste This: Wine Shopping Spree for the Holidays with Expert Leslie Sbrocco

(upbeat music) – A crisp $100 bill,
I’m gonna go shopping. Let’s go see how many tasty
bottles I can get for this. I’m Leslie Sbrocco, c’mon and Taste This. How many bottles can I get
for a $100, let’s go see. I always have to have a bottle of chilled New Zealand Sauvignon
Blanc in my refrigerator, it’s a fan favorite, a little grassy, a little crisp lemony citrusy. This is Kia Ora, it means hello, good day! $8.99. Malbec, Malbec, have to have some Malbec. I’m gonna go with the Montes, which is a terrific winery,
rich, lush entry-level Malbec, and it’s $8.99 as well. I rarely see this Malbec
from Cahors in France. This is a little bit
more, this is the Atrium, this is a little bit more tannic, a little bit more beefy, this can be fun, I’ll have a Malbec-off. (upbeat music) Oh, I love that they
have half-bottles here. I’m big fan of half-bottles because you can have some white, some red. This is about two glasses
of wine, one for me, but this is the Martin Ray Chardonnay from Sonoma County
California, classic producer. Let’s go with a little Cava, this is the Rondel Cava Brut. I’m gonna save some money here, 2.99. This is just a little,
you can make mimosas out of this on Sunday morning, so it’s about a glass of wine right there. Oh this aisle makes me so happy. Champagne and sparkling wine, happiness, in my happy place. Alright, $26, unbelievable
deal right here, the Montaudon Brut Champaign, an aisle of pink wine, Rosé. Here’s a wine that I have never seen. I’ve been to this winery, Albino Armani in northern Italy, but
they’re making a Rosé now from Schiava, so this is $11.69. It will be gone within minutes. (upbeat music) Oh, I haven’t gotten
anything from South Africa. This is from Spier, and it’s Pinotage which is a unique grape variety of a cross between Pinot Noir and Cinsault from South Africa with
a little bit of Shiraz! That should be good, it’s spicy. Ah, I’m gonna flush out
the rest of my money here with a few canned wines. Actually canned wines
are some of the hottest ones on the market right now, you can grab them and go to the beach. You can take ’em to a party, and let’s see, I need some red wine. 2.99, easy pour, in my cart. Alright, let’s see, $100 for one, two, three, four, five, and six, now I’ve got
that wonderful half-bottle, couple minis, and a can! – 97.12 – 97.12, alright! – One dollar, two dollars. – Two dollars and some change. – Wait, Leslie, we’ve got a bottle of wine for a $1.97, we can
finish that off for you. – You got it, thank
you, my friend, alright. – $2.14, there we go, alright. For more information and my tasting notes on all the wines I selected,
go to KQED.org/tastethis. I’m just gonna grab this on my way out. (upbeat music)

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