Hello, Ludochka, I have a first lesson here with these students who who learn Russian. please stay with me on Facetime, because I really point out, I’m afraid. I came from practice, after graduation I forgot everything. Please, stay with me on Facetime. otherwise I will piss the pants. I will put the phone here because the lesson will start soon Lord, they are already crowding around the door. Okay, Ludochka my dear stay with me on Facetime and simply watch on me help me sometimes. support me please. You’ll make your nails later! Is your Friend important for you or not? I’m not freaking out! Ok, switch you to facetime I`ll place you here Look at me, my dear you fall, Ludochka Wait, Ludochka. Stay with me. you will be lying on my table. You got used to lying on the table! Stop it! She doesn’t want to lie on the table … Always wanted to lie, but now does not want. Ok stay with me. Ludochka, they`re coming! Ludochka, what should I do? Ludochka, there are some handsome guys Next time come with me I shouldn`t speak with an accent Ludochka, I don`t know what page I need to open! What can I do? What page should I open??? Oh my, everything is in English here! Ludochka, everything is in English! I thought how to learn Russian – you need to speak in Russian. But here everything is in English… I need to do something! What should I do??? What does it mean to explain in your own words? How do I explain this? People pay money for classes! do you understand? They came here to learn Russian(they`re think that they learn, but not) This is an old school methods and they don`t work Nobody will speak Russian Do you know how I learned English? I had a lover Englishman. To go to the Louis Vuitton boutique Have you seen my Louis Vuitton bag? he bought it for me. In order to go to the Louis Vuitton boutique, an Englishman made me learn small talk Now I know how to order Louis Vuitton! This is a great method! You have motivation! You have everything! Without motivation you learn NOTHING! Ok, Ludochka, dry your nails! I`ll figure something out. Ludochka, they repeat after me! What does it mean to stop flirting with Edward? I will leave you Jacob! And Edward is mine. Ludochka, are you surprised that I have a good English? If you want Louis Vuitton, you’re talking not only ike that Ludochka, it looks like Edward likes me too Ok let`s talk about that tonight with the glass of wine. Ludochka, I have a good mood! why can’t i sing? to motivate my students… So they can at least learn something! They won’t learn anything without my method. I learned this from my lover. He immediately showed me everything! He showed that the result needs motivation. No motivation – no results. No motivation – no Louis Vuitton! repetition is a mother of learning! Yellow!


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