Teen Admits She Drinks To Get Drunk And Smokes Pot And E-Cigarettes – And She’s Not Going To Stop

I made kind of a list on your thoughts on parenting. Okay.
Of what you told us. You said, “It’s easier to give in, I’m more lenient.” You said, “I probably do enable.” Yeah, probably. (audience laughing) You think you enable. I think jazz flute’s overrated. Yeah.
I know you are enabler. Yeah. I don’t know where I went wrong. I don’t know where I went wrong. Let’s learn a few things about your daughter. Okay.
Okay. ‘Cause Taylor agrees with pretty much everything that was said about her so far. She’s just here to make sure you understand that she’s gonna do what she damn well wants to do. Let’s take a look–
Okay. At what she had to say. (lively music) I drink and smoke pot. I also smoke cigarettes every day. I like to go further than buzzed, I like being drunk. There’s been a few times when I’ve been black out drunk. My parents think that my friends are the reason I do this, but I make my own decisions. It’s my choice to drink and it’s my choice to smoke. It’s my time to live and I’m gonna keep doing what I want. I sneak out of the house three to four times a week to go hang out with friends. I’m surprised that my mom still picks me up, but I know she will because she wants me to be home rather than partying with friends. (dramatic music) I’m out of control because I’m doing stuff I shouldn’t be doing at my age, but I don’t care that I’m doing it. I will hit things, kick things, throw things. I’ll just keep doing it until I do get what I want. I’ll feel bad whenever my mom does give in, but at the same time, I’m getting what I want, so I don’t care. I hit my mom a few times when she’s told me no. I have pulled a knife on my mom because she wouldn’t take me to a party. One time, I hit my mom and Madison jumped in. We ended up punching each other multiple times. (beep) Hit me! (beep) Madison is selfish and rude. I don’t like how she always tries to parent me because I already have my parents. I don’t need a third one. My parents compare me to Madison all the time. She had a job at 16 and I didn’t. She’s going to college and I say I don’t wanna go to college. You haven’t even tried to apply for a job. Yes, I have.
No, you haven’t. That’s (beep). That’s not really your business. I don’t see why you care so much. I hate when you get involved. They think she’s better than me. I want my parents to understand that the only way they can get me to stop partying is if they put me in jail, but I feel like when I get out, I would keep doing it any ways. (dramatic music) Okay, what do you think about what she just said? I’m at a loss for words. I drink, smoke pot, cigarettes. I like being drunk. I don’t know how to parent a troubled daughter. Is mom an enabler? I have not bought her alcohol. I did buy her cigarettes before. I don’t know any of this stuff. You do now, what are you gonna do about it? This is not the kid that I raised. It’s exactly the kid that you raised. Making me feel like a failure. I don’t know–
You are a failure. You’ve just given up, as well. What the hell’s going on here? New Dr. Phil.


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