Teen shot outside liquor store on Chalmers in Detroit

on Detroit’s east side where a teenage boy was shot multiple times and is now fighting for his life yes and this in mourning the investigation is still in the early stages as the amount of Celie reports police are looking at multiple crime scenes good morning the shooting happened in the 10,000 block of Chalmers which is pretty close to outer Drive there on Detroit’s east side and as you can see in the video the crime scene was so massive because of how it all unfolded in fact there were three different locations the police had to work on it Detroit Police Officers had a lot on their hands last night with three different locations along Chalmers connected to this shooting but it started here and police sources say the liquor store has video of the shooting which is further proven by all the shell casings and evidence markers we don’t know why yet but the shooting was outside of the store targeting this gray Buick was a teenager inside maybe 15 or 16 years old after the shooting the driver took off but pulls over about half a mile away you can see all of the damage and it gives you an idea of how many rounds were fired the teen who was shot got out of the car and was found not too far away near the KFC he is in the hospital and last night was in serious condition now obviously it appears that this was some kind of targeted shooting but nonetheless please could still use your help to try to figure out who did it and what the situation may have been so if you know anything or saw anything last night please call the Detroit Police Department’s I’m Nick Monacelli local 4 news today

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