The Best Electric Wine Opener

So this larger piece here is your cordless cork remove, and the little one here is your preserver. I’m going to show you how to use everything in a few minutes. In the front here you have your little foil cutter. This has two blades, curved shape blades, you’re going to use this on top here to open that up before we remove the cork. And these are also your stoppers that preserve the wine when you use it with the back sealer. The other great thing too is if you can see there’s a little arrow here, and then around the rim there are dates up to 31, and 1 to 31 for the days of the month, and you can actually turn this to the arrow, you can turn it around, and put the arrow on whatever day of the month is, I happen to put it on ten today. And then you can, you know, preserve your wine and you know how long that you’ve been preserving it for. So let’s get started. This is, like i mentioned, this is your cordless wine opener. It’s got a nice rubberized finish here, nice design, quite elegant with a brushed stainless steel bottom. Put in the charging base. This is your charging base. This is your wine preserver. Same thing, it actually is nice rubberized finish, stainless steel bottom, and fits right into your charging base which you can keep plugged in so that you can remove up to about 50 corks in one complete charge both synthetic and also regular natural cork obviously. So let’s get started by opening a bottle of white wine. We’re just going to use the foil cutter to neatly remove the foil top. I just like to twist the bottle and comes off really neatly. Always store your foil cutter back in the base so you don’t lose it. What you’re going to do is your going to take the wine opener and you’re going to mount it on top of the bottle, and you’re going to press the down arrow because that’s the one that will remove the cork. You can feel when it’s loose. And automatically goes down into the cork and actually snugs up against the bottle and then removes the cork in one function. What you’re going to do is you’re going to press the up button and the up button will extract the court from the wine opener. So now that you’ve opened your wine and you poured off a little bit, now that you opened your wine, we’re going to pour off a little bit so I can show you how the sealer works. So what you’re going to do is you’re going to take your little stopper, you’re going to put it on top of the bottle, you can set the date like i mentioned. You’re going to take the preserver, you’re going to put it right on top and you going to hold the button down. To seal it. So there you go. By removing the air from the bottle of wine that’s partially used, it preserves the flavor and also the taste of the wine so that you can enjoy the same flavor that you did when you opened it the first time.

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