over the Spanish word for grapes pretty good [Music] [Music] and good morning and welcome to another beautiful day here in Chile it is so good to be back here in Chile and right now we’re in my favorite season of the year and that is the fall season I love fall because that means that the leaves are changing and the wine is almost ready today though I’m super excited to go and check out this wine but I’m also excited because I can finally announce my own brand this is my brand I made this it’s called Chile home and if you can see out it you’ve got a person traveling like me with a bunch of stuff you’ve got the mountains the Cordillera you’ve got the Sun coming up and you’ve got the autumn Konya trees it’s so beautiful and on the back my favorite saying ever welcome to another beautiful day here in Chile I’ve said that for over 300 videos and now I get to put it on a shirt and if you’re interested in buying it the link is right in the description anyways today I’m so excited to get on to a vineyard go check out some wine and well before I do that let me just explain what happened yesterday so true story that yesterday ELISA and I came right here we were right here but Moses was right in there and he had a massive explosion I mean there was poop everywhere and so we were here for like an hour trying to clean it up and we never even went inside to see the vineyard so I decided to come back early this morning and show you guys this beautiful vineyard that well we were – last year but I just love coming to this vineyard every single year and I feel like every person here in Chile at least has their vineyard that they really love this is one that I love and this is life [Music] the reason that I love this winery so much is because a couple of years ago Elise and I came here and were greeted by the family who owns this winery they were so nice to us invited us in to try some wine and hang out for a while and we were here til we were healed to a pretty late and since then we’ve always come back here to get the wine we love the wine here because not only does it taste good but we believe in the families story the family described to us a couple of years ago that they started this winery as a dream a dream to live here and to make something that they really had a passion for which was the wine that they make today they’ve refined that wine and now they own all of this they’re doing some pretty cool things but I love their wine still it tastes so good and my favorite wine my favorite wine because it’s from Chile probably but also because it tastes delicious it’s a Carmenere it is so good so delicious it’s like drinking juice mmm so good let’s go get [Music] the first step of course is to grab a whole bunch of grapes after you’ve grabbed your grapes and put them into a massive container you bring them over it here and they dump them into this grinder and they mash them all up and then the juice goes one direction and then all of those little stems the brown parts that all goes in another direction and it gets reused or composted back into the dirt but the important part is the wine the juice [Music] [Music] after all that mash separates and you have the juice that juice then goes through all of these pipes to these massive containers and it sits in and it sits there some more and basically what’s going on during those one or two weeks while that juice is being stored in one of these containers is a process called fermentation and fermentation is when you take that grape juice and you turn it into alcohol and carbon dioxide and after that this is what happens after that fermentation process those one or two weeks all of that juice that fermented juice gets pumped out into here and straight through to the other room and through those pipes coming from outside it goes to this little storage container right here and from that storage container it goes to this machine and from that machine it goes to these ladies who are patching it up and then it gets distributed throughout the entire world wherever that may be but check out all of this wine here oh my goodness I feel like I’m in heaven I just love this season the fall season here in Chile is absolutely beautiful the temperature is great and the leaves are changing colors which makes it so beautiful also going to visit vineyards is so much fun because you can see how they’re making the wine but I hope that you guys enjoyed the video for today if you did please give it a big old thumbs up check me out on Instagram Facebook and Twitter all the links are right below also there’s a link for this shirt Cheil a home my new brand I love it it is my home I hope it will always be my home and it’s always a beautiful day here in Chile but we’ll see you guys next time hope you enjoyed it and check the link below to buy yourself a little shirt we’ll see you guys next time but for now cha Pascal [Music]


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