The Best Red Wines For Beginners (Series): #1 Pinot Noir

Hey everybody, how you doing? if you want
to learn more about some of the best red wines out there you may want to stay
tuned, because in the coming weeks I’m gonna roll out a series of videos, each
one of them is going to talk about an individual red wine that you might like
to try. For each of these famous red wines that we’re gonna cover, I’ll give
you some background & history, not too much because I don’t want to bore you;
I’ll give you the tasting notes so you know what it tastes like, whether you
want to buy it or not, and then I’ll give you some food pairing tips too, so you
know what to do with it, after you have the wine. So if that sounds good to you
let’s get started! This is Pinot Noir. Pinot Noir is a great
red wine for beginners to start with because it’s lighter, which makes it
easier to approach. Pinot noir is a truly ancient grape, that’s been around for a
really long time – it originates in the region of Burgundy France, and they’ve
been using it to make wine there for about 2,000 years! By the way all red Burgundy is made from
Pinot Noir, so next time you go to the store, you can actually pick up a bottle
of Burgundy and you’re buying French Pinot Noir. Pinot Noir is also used in French Champagne. if you want to know why Pinot Noir is red, but champagne comes
out white, I’ll put a link up to my video here that explains how red wine gets its
color. Nowadays, Pinot Noir is grown and made all over the world but the best
examples come from areas with cooler climates: countries like Germany, Italy
and New Zealand are all making great Pinot Noir. In the United States, look for
California’s Central Coast and the Russian River Valley; but also Oregon and
Washington are making some fantastic examples of Pinot. Pinot Noir is almost
always dry, but not too dry, because there aren’t a lot of tannins in it and it’s
pretty light and elegant, which makes it easy for beginners to appreciate. It’s famous for having these beautiful flavors of fresh raspberries and crushed
strawberries and those fresh berry flavors are perfect with roasted poultry: chicken,
turkey and duck, which by the way, makes it great for the holiday table. And when
Pinot noir gets older, it starts to take on these funky aromas and flavors
things like mushrooms, earth, wet leaves an even barnyard!! When you get an earthy
pinot noir like this, it’s perfect with really stinky cheeses, and truffle and
mushroom dishes. So, what are you going to spend on a good bottle of Pinot? well if
you shop in Burgundy, and you buy from some of the most
celebrated and famous vineyards there, you’re gonna wind up paying upwards of
$3,000 for one bottle!!! Yeah $3,000 for one bottle – but don’t freak out – because
most Pinot Noir that’s out there in the world, is not that expensive. On average
you can expect to spend anywhere from ten to thirty dollars for a decent
bottle of Pinot Noir… OK, That’s the first in our series of best
red wines, but stick around, because in the coming weeks there are going to be more
videos, each one of them talking about a great red wine for you to try! If you
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a link up right about here, and this is a bonus recipe for you. This pairs
perfectly with Pinot Noir, so if you’re feeling thirsty and hungry, pour yourself
some Pinot, make the recipe and let me know how it went for you. okay?
Until next week, cheers guys!


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