The Best Wines for the Holidays!

(humming) Ooh! (singing) Merry Christmas to me,
merry Christmas to me… Hey man, forget about that boring elf on a shelf.
I’m the elf in a chair… and I’ve got booze! For today’s Quick Sip, I’m delivering easy-to-find
and affordable holiday wines, and the great news is that it doesn’t matter
if you’ve been naughty, you’re still gonna be nice – and full of cheer! First up: Gewurztraminer from Alsace. That’s a funny name, almost sounds German? Well, this white wine comes from a part of France
that was annexed to Germany – twice. Alsatian Gewurztraminer is reminiscent of
many light German wines but the main difference is: It’s bone-dry. It’s floral, with flavors of lychee fruit,
pineapple and even white peach For that reason, it pairs with spiral ham,
raisin-pineapple kugel, and peach pie. It’s a really gewurz-atile wine. (fake laughter) My second recommendation is
Port wine from Portugal. Port is a red wine that has Brandy added to it,
so it’s been kicked up to about 20% alcohol. And it’s almost always sweet, which means
it’s perfect for catching a buzz with dessert. Now, there are two main styles of Port wine: Ruby Port is purple in color and has these
fiery flavors of baked strawberry pie and blackberries flambé. It’s the ultimate Chocolate wine.
It’s absolutely magical with anything choco-centric. Tawny Port is older and coincidentally,
looks tawny in the glass. It boasts aged flavors like raisins, toffee,
nuts and dried fig. You can imagine this nutty tawny port
with a pecan pie. Oh. Sorry. I was a pee-can at
my notes (laughs). Are you feeling all warm and tingly now?
That’s just the holiday cheer, or just the Port wine, coursing through your veins! Be sure to share your thoughts with me in
the comments below, and if you want quick and easy wine, spirits and food pairing tips,
subscribe to my YouTube channel and I’ll give you a new Quick Sip every #TipsyTuesday. Toora-loora loo, and a pata-pata pan! Happy Holidays!

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