The Best Wines from Argentina? | #WineWars | Felicitas Pizarro

Welcome to Drinks Tube, my name is Felicitas
and I’m here to tell you why Argentinian wines are the best wines and why you should try
them. So bring on the wine wars. So this red wine is my favourate wine, it is from Uco
Valley in Mendoza and it is a Malbec. Malbec is like the most popular grape we have in
Argentina and our pride. It has become so popular elsewhere. So there is a little bit
of plum, ripe plum, strawberry. Well let’s try it. This wine, for me, it’s like God is
crying over here, it is amazing. It is elegant, it is round, it is balanced. Great for enjoying
it on a cozy, cold winter night. Romantic night beside the fire, having great steak,
lots of spices and flavors and maybe with a great and spicy cheese. So this is my favourite
Argentinian wine, it’s our Malbec, our pride and I love it. If you like Australian Crios,
you should try our Argentinian equivalent. The white wine which I want to represent me
in this wine war, Crios Torrontes,which is a very, very unique grape just in Argentina
from a lovely province in the north, Salta. So aromatic, so floral and citrus. Dry at
the end, great for the summer and the beach with friends. Grill in some seafood, spicy
silly chilli because it goes great with something spicy. If you like sauvignon blanc then you
should definitely try the Crios, it is much more floral and unique but you should give
it a try. So are Rose wine from my beautiful home country Argentina is a blend between
the Malbec I have already tried and the Torrontes. So because it is a mixture, it is the best
of both worlds. It is floral because remember we have the Torrontes and Citrus smells but
you can also find fresh strawberries, fresh fruits. This rose wine is very similar to
the rose’s in the south of France, but a little bit more like a big brother with a punch.
Great for a summer evening with your friends in the garden. This rose is like a secret
weapon because it has the freshness of the white wine and the body of the red wine. It
is very versatile, so try it. Next time you’re trying to buy some wine’s, try these Argentinian
wine’s. You can find this types in the supermarket, in the wine merchants or online. Let me know
what you think in the comments below. If you have a favorite wine from your country, please
send a picture with a bottle, like my friend Jamie. Use hash tag wine wars and show your
pride in your country’s wine. Please subscribe to Drink’s Tube and if you want to see some
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