The Cast of Wine Country Plays The BFF Game // Presented By Wine Country

– He was my first boyfriend. I almost don’t want to give this one. – Skip it. – Next. Go. – He doesn’t get BuzzFeed airtime! (squeaking hinge) – OK. Hello. We are the
cast of “Wine Country,” and we are going to play
BuzzFeed’s BFF Game. We’re gonna see what
kind of friends we are and how much we know about each other. If you get it right, you get to drink. – Alright, I love that kind of rule. – Alright, you wanna
pick a card and go first? – Yes, I will. – Alright. – [Ana] Albarino? – You can’t say it, can you? – Yeah, you just said it. (laughs) – Alright, so on this one we’re right. – Alright I said “Albarino.” – I said “Albarino.” – Oh my god, you guys are amazing. – I said “fermented lentils.” (laughter) – [Amy] I think I know what the answer is. “Last night.” “Right now.” – Two minutes ago. – “Last night. Also today.”
Those are all correct. (laughter) – “Two.” “Two.” “One and a half.” “Three.” – Ooooooh. – I love that you think
I can handle my liquor. Alas, I think one and a half. You know what, I’m gonna
give you one and a half to two guys. (glasses clinking) – And I am not allowed to drink. – (beep) – [Ana] I don’t know. Virgo. – But I’m close. A Sag? – I know when your birthday is,
but I don’t know when Sag is. – But I’m on a cusp. – You’re not a Libra
’cause Pearl’s a Libra. – I’m a Libra. – How? – ‘Cause I’m on that cusp. – It starts at the end of- – This is where it starts. (fake crying) – We can’t drink! – [Amy] I mean my real
friends know it, but- – [Ana] Not your fake movie friends. – Light and sweet, like her men. – I said, “Milk, no sugar.” – I said, “You don’t you drink tea.” – Light and sweet. – Oh, damn! (all singing) (laughter) – Well I think we covered that. – [Ana] This is lentil payback. (laughter) – Softball. – Payback time. – Field hockey. (laughs) – The closest is Spivey with soccer, but I was only on JV soccer. I played when I was a
sophomore. We were all on JV. And junior year all my friends
got moved up to varsity except me! But you know what? I
was in the school play, and I played Anne Frank. (laughter) So (beep) all of you! (laughter) – That right there’s
what you call a lentil. – Thank you for watching this, and don’t forget to check out “Wine Country” on Netflix, May 10. – “Wine Country,” not “Wine County.” My mom keeps asking about “Wine County.” It’s “Wine Country.” (squeaking hinge)

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