The Disappearance of Dylan Redwine Clip 3

She has never picked up the phone and tried to call me personally at any point Is it true or false that’s false, but it’s park because you always always Lie you met me I don’t even think you know the truth about anything and The point is that you know the truth. I know that. I don’t have Dylan. Where is Dylan I don’t have balu no. We’re doing as mark you were the last one to see him You you were the last one to have any contact with him it was on your watch. Where is the responsibility? When do you sit back and say I lost dylan I didn’t lose Dylan Elaine, ha then why is he kalon? Well that you know that’s the question we all have to ask but no you asked that question you had him where is he? He’s not here. No one can find him you were the last one to see him and now he’s just gone That doesn’t happen Dr.. Phil, did For her to sit here and say that I’m the last person to see him is not accurate The postal worker that delivers my mail to me that papers Gone firm by you Let me weigh in here. I’ve been um I’ve Been doing this for a long time, and you heard me say I’ve got one agenda Here, and that’s to try To find this young boy, and I have no Preconceived judgments here at all. I don’t know you I don’t know whether you had anything to do with this or not I certainly don’t assume that you did But I also don’t assume that you did not I I don’t know that you did I don’t assume that you did not I just don’t jump to those conclusions But I’ll tell you what I do is I make informed decisions based on skilled observations I’ve been doing this for 35 years and I was trained as a forensic psychologist that’s Psychology in the law and having worked as an officer of the court in Situations just such as these and I am accustomed to What is typical conduct and what is not and so I gather information based on that and I’m curious whether You’re interested in fighting with her and And blaming her or if you’re interested in finding your son because since you’ve been out here you haven’t said one word about Your son are you interested in finding your son very much, so which is the whole point of me being here?

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