The Disappearance of Dylan Redwine Clip 4

I think Either he was he was taken by somebody that knew who he was going with or He was abducted as he was walking down the street trying to make it to his friend Tristan’s House. I? Personally have a lot of suspicions that alain could be involved in this But I don’t have anything to back that up, and I don’t have anything to support that do you honestly? believe that from six hours away that she put him on an airplane and flew him to you and Then somehow or another trailed behind and abducted him From your couch is that your theory well? I don’t believe that. She did it alone I believe that it’s possible that she had helped didn’t okay. So you actually think that she and a team? Trailed behind him and do you think she would have taken him against his will or do you think he? cooperated in this well Those are questions that I can’t answer because I don’t know I don’t know what happened But what is your theory you say you think she might be in fact that she may be involved I believe that there are people in the community that we lived in for many years that she knows very well They are very likely to maybe help her in this so these are criminal types Well, she’s not been known to hang around the professional people that in the industry They see were that’s what we’re very much. So you things around the criminal case? Yeah, you think she may have some criminal types that helped her abduct him against his will I just want to know your theory. Well. I don’t know the people that she knows very closely It doesn’t matter what I think because I have no way of being able to prove it, and it’s only speculative but I even feel do you really honestly believe that or is that just Something you’re saying when do you honestly in your heart of hearts believe that this woman is involved in the disappearance of your son I? Believe that it’s possible yes, need to bring him home and Please I hope you didn’t hurt him. I hope you did not hurt him Because I really don’t trust you and I really have a concern do you hurt him and his bones are out there just laying And you don’t even care you go Where’s your emotion where where is any of your feelings? What is it what emotion? Is that you’re trying to get out of me? I want you to do something to find Dylan

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