The Disappearance of Dylan Redwine Clip 5

She never called me. She not one time ever called me. Why would she lie about it? Well, that’s what that’s a good question. She ever tried to call me She has never picked up the phone and truck are you telling me the truth? She did call you absolutely she did not call me At any point, why didn’t you call me? You lost him. I lost him where is he he’s not here You were the last one to see him. Why didn’t you call me? Why do I have to call you when you lost our son that doesn’t make sense and this is exactly Why I would want to communicate to you because you can’t sit here and have a civil conversation with me you want to be angry accusing a employers son I’m angry that that several well. I’m not angry with you I’m just asking you questions to try to get information You think he walked away from the house one of his friends lives up at the lake where I live and it’s right across from The Marina so it’s not a very far distance For him to have tried to reach out to his friend it that lives up the lake Okay, miles it’s not six miles it is too far for Dylan We can use about Google Maps Cos It’s not six miles from my house at the end of the road He would have texted somebody and had somebody come get him okay. Well, let me help me out here in BCC. If I have this see if I have this Correct this is your house right here. That’s correct, and this is his friend’s house Would this be Tristan’s house here would betray this is his friend’s house right in front of the line And we did go to Google maps and that’s 5.9 miles Well now you’re to hear to the end of the road well. I don’t know where about the end of the road, but this is 5.9 miles which doesn’t seem like far to me I don’t know that’s uphill or downhill but it’s pretty flat low whine so you can walk from there to there and so then We say Dylan’s friend Second house, this is his grandmother’s His friend’s grandmother yes, and so it was the only place I need to go and those are the only two that he could go there was more than just the two But those are the only two where I knew where they man Okay, and in that morning You got up and you went? Here first to the payroll office in my company’s office right then you went to the atTorney’s office correct then you Made this kind of circuit Here then This whole circuit that you went around was about you were gone for about four hours on for about four hours So you saw him before you left I guess

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