The Disappearance of Dylan Redwine Clip 6

So you get back at 11:30, and he’s gone, right? And so you just lay the other take it now well know that when I got back at 11:30 I didn’t think much of Dylan’s not being there. I mean he knows the area He’s been up to my house many times There’s a campground at the end of the road that’s not right by the River which he tends to go up to Every now and then there’s a bridge right down the street where it crosses over the River which he’s been known to hang out Before there’s a rock wallet right directly behind my house that he’s been known to go stomping around in the woods back there I mean, it didn’t I didn’t find it. Odd that he wasn’t sitting there waiting for me in november Mid-November And you sent him you sent him without a coat. Why is it always my fault. Why can’t you take any of the responsibilities? 1:30 you wake up. He’s still not there. All right did something go off at your absolutely This is what I’m calling him on his cell phone. I’m sending him text messages. I’m trying to communicate to him You know at some point. I start realizing that you know this is not like Dylan there is father How could you do this to him? Elaine I don’t I don’t know where dylan is I haven’t had anything to do with this. I don’t I know that’s a lie I know you intended to do rose. Yes Yes, where’s the last you were the last one to see him titan? I believe it. That’s true. Well I don’t care what you believe I don’t have Dylan I wish I had those because if I had Dylan we wouldn’t be on the Dr.. Phil show, okay? I wish I had dylan – but that’s not him no elaine I wouldn’t hurt him what kind of man you are You they even think that I was capable of doing something like I wish your wife for 18 years I brought you all the way to Dr.. Phil to speak with you because you won’t speak with me What I care about is finding this child which is all I care about the polygraph in this matter I believe this you take a public reading and how were the results Well, there’s been some conflict as to what the actual research Results are well. What did they tell you well they told me that I failed it Then they told me it was inconclusive and there was some question about the person giving the polygraph is it or not they were capable of performing that Polygraph test

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