The Drink With A Human Toe In It

This video contains images of a
preserved, severed human toe. Just warning you. There’s not really much I can say here. I’m in Dawson City, which is an old
mining town in the Yukon Territory, where the Klondike and Yukon rivers
meet, and this… this is a cocktail
with a severed human toe in it. – The Sourtoe Cocktail, it’s real simple:
straight shot of liquor, at least 40%, and you drop a human toe into it. It all started way back
in Prohibition era. Two brothers running
alcohol up into Alaska. They thought the police
were on their trail, so one of the brothers
stepped through some water, got frostbite on his toe. The other brother took an axe,
hacked off the toe. They left it in a jar of their alcohol
out in a cabin in the woods. Years later, Captain Dick
Stevenson bought this cabin, was emptying it out and he found
this jar with a toe in it, thought it’d be hilarious to
bring it to the bar, and do some drinks with it
with his friends, and the Sourtoe Cocktail was born. Our toes we receive from donors,
mostly anonymous, but we actually have a
gentleman over in the UK right now who ran the Yukon ultra-marathon
over the winter, got frostbite, and decided, you know what? Might as well put these
frostbitten, removed toes to good use, so we’re having
somebody pick them up in June, and hopefully, he can
come back here someday and do his own toes
in a Sourtoe Cocktail. Terry Lee is our current Sourtoe Master. Former ferryboat captain, so he’s
got his title of captain there. Fun guy, loves his toes. – I serve four nights a week. I’ve been doing this for five years,
and I’ve seen all kinds of people. This toe is a hammertoe,
which was deformed, and so it had to be removed.
Who it was removed from, I don’t know. The person is probably still alive,
but for most cases, it’s people that’s dead. That’s toe number 13. The other toes, you know, one was lost
and a couple were stolen, returned… Some just get used up. Five were swallowed, one on purpose, and I don’t even want
to talk about that guy. They’ve gone through quite a life. – Full disclosure, I don’t drink alcohol, so there’s a little bit of
special dispensation here. I still have the shot of liquor
and the toe’s still going in it, but I’m pouring off the liquor, and putting the toe in
some ginger ale instead. I’m assured it’s all within the rules. – It’s safe, I mean, the health inspector
gives us the okay to do it. It used to be that it
could be done in anything from milk to pop to champagne to beer,
but in more recent years, we’re sticking to straight alcohol
that’s 40% or higher, and that’s sort of our way
of appeasing the health inspector and making sure this can continue on. Now that summer’s coming on,
it can get pretty busy. We can do upwards of 50, 60, 70 a night. – Up to now, we are at 77,888,
but that’s since June 11, 1995. This toe started in 1973, so
the number could be 100,000. – I could wax philosophical
for a while on how this isn’t actually this disgusting. It’s just like having a
bit of beef jerky in there that’s being used as a garnish. And actually, the owner of the beef jerky
would be much less likely to consent than the owner of the toe. But, I know what you’re here for. Let’s do it. – Okay. So Thomas. – Yes?
– Are you ready? – I am ready. – You better be. Be warned, the toe must
not enter the mouth or be bitten, chewed,
or God forbid, swallowed, or it’s a $2,500 fine. And so, in light of the
above, you can drink it fast, you can drink it slow, but your lips must touch this gnarly toe. Just your lips, no teeth,
no tongue, no tonsils. – Here goes. Alright, pour out the liquor. Pour out the toe. – There we go. – Cheers. – Make sure it touches the lips. And there it is. Well done, sir. – [shudders] – This is the certification
of your folly, sir. – Thank you very much.

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