The environment at LVMH, by Sylvie Bénard // LVMH et l’environnement

The world of luxury, and the LVMH group’s Houses
in particular, transcend the beauty of nature. We use outstanding
natural raw materials. Maintaining that beauty
over the medium and long term is a key value in the luxury sector. LVMH’s environmental commitment dates back to 1992. 1992 was an exceptional
year for the environment and sustainable development with the Earth Summit in Rio. There were a number of key phases in the rollout of the Group’s
environmental strategy. 1998, with ISO 14001 environmental certification for Hennessy. It was the world’s first wine
and spirits company to gain environmental certification. 2000-2001 saw the beginning of what would become
the carbon report method used to measure our highest
greenhouse gas emissions, and more recently, the LIFE programme which lent a strategic backbone to the environmental objectives
of the Group and its Houses. When you start to think about
the environment at a production site, very often the initiatives put in place will generate savings. The second phase is
making it part of your strategy, so you ask new questions that will drive innovation. Which is why we created
the LIFE programme LVMH Indicators For the Environment integrated on a request
by our CEO in the strategic plans of the Houses. These are the main strategic challenges
recognised by the Houses, including the ecodesign of products, the raw materials used, the working methods
of our suppliers and subcontractors, and our greenhouse gas emissions
and waste management… The subject is vast
and it is the 9 points of LIFE that really sum up our work. I think the ultimate step will be when everyone integrates
the environment in their work and practices and takes it into account
in their decision making. From the moment when everyone, be it a marketing director, a financial director
or a logistics director, takes the environment into account
when making a decision, then life will be beautiful!

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