The Oenophile’s Wine Cellar Management System

Using an intuitive touch-screen
interface, it puts you in command and control over your wine collection. Never before have collectors been able
to manage their wine like this. With the new e-Sommelier the visual experience of exploring your
wines represented through a tapestry of wine label images, gives you an intuitive and
sophisticated way of managing your liquid assets. Wine labels slide across the
screen with just a glide of your finger letting you browse and find the wine
that you’re looking for. Now you can not only see the price you
paid for the wine but also what it’s worth. e-Sommelier regularly updates
wine valuations and synchronizes that new data with your system giving you
ongoing valuation info by bottle or across the spectrum of your collection. You can also see it’s maturity at a glance by the color coding of the vintage year. Once you enter the winery and vintage,
all the other data about your wine is automatically filled in, such as country,
region, variety, maturity, rating, and even tasty news. Adding a bottle of wine or a
case of wine takes just a minute. Removing wine takes two seconds. The
new e-Sommelier is faster, more intuitive do to use, fun to browse, and quicker in
presenting you all the options as you pare down your search for that perfect
bottle of wine in your collection. At the heart of the system e-Sommelier’s
barcode printer creates a label for each bottle as its entered into e-Sommelier. The
labels used special adhesive which leaves no residue if removed. Storing wine
is made simple. Each bottle will have a unique address and identity so you can know
exactly what you have and where it’s located at any time. The barcode scanner makes removing
bottles from your wine cellar easy. Simply wave the bottle under the barcode
scanner and walk away with it. That particular bottle will be automatically
deleted from your inventory.

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