The Search for Dylan Redwine Clip 3

Chapter Marco Welcome Are we going to do this well? That’s my whole point of being here and talking to you now, okay? Is it addressing my concerns and the things that are bothering me and have been for a long time? Well as I said it’s got to be voluntary or we don’t do it It’s hard for me to digest all this this is all happening way, too quickly I just feel [so] overwhelmed would you be more comfortable with me? Coming out to the studio tomorrow morning after a good night’s sleep. I’ll be honest with you I feel like my blood is boiling has been proud my point is I’m not refusing to take a polygraph Test all I’m asking for is you know Some time to process this whole thing because I mean this is all got blindsided after talking with Jack I Felt more comfortable taking the test tomorrow Instead of doing it So yesterday mark was agitated needed time to rest and process things. He said he wasn’t opposed to taking a test He just didn’t [want] to feel pressured. I want him to be totally comfortable. This is about getting real answer, so I Despite waiting I invited mark to come here to paramount to meet Jack Demarco for an 8am Polygraph test It’s my understanding that marks here now. I’m set up. I’m just about ready for him So if he’s going to take this test will just get it done. Well. I’m here at the Dr Phil offices and I’m gonna take the test, I’m not I’m not saying that I’m necessarily ready to take the test But you know at this point. You know what? [we’re] going to take it. We’re going to do what we got to do All right You’ve had a lot of time to think since we last met the bottom line is I’m trying to be forthright with everybody It’s very intimidating to have my ex-wives sitting on the stage with me pointing fingers at me I mean that bothers [me], and then to have my son come out and say I hate you You know just I? Feel like I’m being pushed off the edge of the cliff. What are we gonna do? You know I didn’t come [here] to always think about these times Let’s do it I’ll ask the camera to to give us some privacy and we should be done in about an hour and a half a question was asked if I gave an honest answer to the question was Do you feel well enough to take this test [and] my response to that question was no it became clear that by answering no to that question that There was no point proceeding any further Mark decided that he didn’t feel well enough to take the polygraph test He told me he had about three hours of sleep last night, and he [had] a half bottle Jim beam on top of things, so He doesn’t feel well enough to take to test

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