The Search for Dylan Redwine Clip 4

You should be doing backflips right now to take this polygraph test You were the last person to have seen your son before he disappeared Oh, and I don’t believe what do you believe I believe that the postal worker that saw down later that afternoon Before I went looking for him no doubt [to] marty no. There’s no doubt I read some of the stuff You said about you don’t think that that we gave enough attention to finding Dylan yesterday? Are you kidding me and I devoted two hours of National television time? to try to find your son and I have asked you to do things to eliminate Yourself so we can direct resources to other people and you won’t do one damn thing To help and you want to criticize what we’re doing. I I think that that was taken out of text, and I don’t have Put it in context I was referring specifically to the Conversation that was be taking place on the stage with you and my son and my ex-wife [can] you do with your life and what you do with your son you’ve got years of history before you get here with me Don’t lay that at my feet my friend I was upset about the fact that obviously there’s a huge issue in terms of me and My Ex wife and my son I am here to find your son And I frankly don’t give a damn whether you like me or my television show I? Care whether or not we find this boy, and if you’ve got information about where that boy is you need to tell us This man’s done 3,500 polygraphs. You know how many fathers with missing sons have ever ever Refused to take a polygraph in all his years of doing polygraph work. You know how many have done what you’ve done Zero you mark your it Do you know where is no? I don’t if you’re innocent We’re the best friends you ever found Where I I just struggle with this whole thing

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