The Sobering Truth About Alcohol and Spirits

Hello Facebook and hello Instagram! I’m
Mary Ann Settembrino. I’m a nationally certified acupuncturist and
I’m also a certified specialist of wine through the National Society of Wine
Educators and I’m here tonight to tell you the sobering truth about alcohol and
spirits first I’m going to tell you why you need to know this what it is you
need to know and how you can implement it so the reason why you need to know
this is in spite of a lot of trendy little news articles and things alcohol
is not a health food every once in a while something comes out in the media
about how it lowers your cholesterol or it’s good for this it’s good for that
alcohol causes way more damage to people’s health than it does help them
but I know you guys and I know many of you do enjoy to have a drink so we’re
going to go over some of the things that you need to know in order to be a better
advocate for your own health so one of the things you need to know is that in
our country we have the Food and Drug Administration so when you buy food you
see an ingredients label and it lists everything that’s in that food from the
largest concentration down to the lowest concentration when you buy a bottle of
alcohol you’ll see the percentage of alcohol but they don’t tell you what
else is in there so the government agency that’s in charge of alcohol is
actually the fire tobacco and Explosives Department of our government so they’re
not exactly the go-to people when it comes to health so there really isn’t an
agency that’s looking out for our safety like there is with food and with other
items so you have to really do your own research and you have to really advocate
for yourself when it comes to choosing what alcohol you drink and how you drink
it so we all kind of know that alcohol
affects the liver that is something that is an extreme situation when people
drink to the point of destroying their liver they get a disease called
chlorosis the liver gets hard stops working the liver is the main filter for
the body the kidneys are also involved in the filtration process so alcohol
clearly clearly gives a hit to both of those organs there are some other things
that are not quite as as known for example there will be a insulin spike
alcohol is just sugar so anyone that has any issues with their metabolism from
wanting to lose weight or people that have diabetes or prediabetes are also
really at risk for having a lot of fluctuations in their metabolism and
blood sugar when they consume alcohol people that have any problems with
circulation alcohol actually damages mostly the micro circulation so people
that have problems with their small vessels people that have neuropathy not
a good idea for you guys people that have any kind of digestive issue we’re
learning more and more about the importance of what they refer to as the
microbiome I’ve heard it described that we actually have a second brain now in
our gut and that for example a lot of the serotonin which is kind of one of
our feel-good neurotransmitters most of that they found is produced in the gut
so drinking alcohol you might not feel it right away but the next day or two
you might have struggles with your mood and again if you’re somebody that
already is having struggles and challenges with your mood then you need
to be very mindful about your alcohol consumption the other number one thing
alcohol does it affects our judgment so it can be
anything from like sending a text or a Facebook post that you might regret –
making decisions choices and behaving in ways that could have some significant
consequences for us the other thing that we need to combat with alcohol is
dehydration that’s one that some people are familiar with so one of the things
that you can do if you know you are going to drink is you need to achieve
maximum hydration prior to drinking what we recommend
take your weight divide it in half and that’s how many ounces of water you
should drink prior to going out to a bar or to a party or any any place where
you’re going to be consuming alcohol one of the ways we can measure this is with
the exception of taking B vitamins your urine should be clear if your urines
dark colored your dehydrated you have no business going near alcohol it’s going
to make it quite quite worse and you have the potential to do some damage to
your body so making sure you have ideal hydration is really important that also
is a key factor in minimizing or eliminating the possibility of getting a
hangover hangovers first level of a hangover is dehydration the second level
is its toxins that the body’s trying to clear so making sure that you also are
doing everything to maintain optimum health making sure you’re exercising
three to five times a week making sure you are eating properly avoiding sugar
of avoiding excuse me starchy carbohydrates things that cause an
insulin spike because again if you’re going to consume alcohol alcohol is a
sugar and it’s going to create that insulin spike so you want to give your
body the best possible advantage going back to the microbiome thing again you
want to make sure that you’re taking a probiotic and that you’re taking really
good care of your gut and that following your ingestion of
alcohol you need to go back and repair because your microbiome is going to
suffer from the alcohol it is going to kill all that wonderful good bacteria
that you have going on some folks actually may have a flair of something
called Candida so Candida is a fungus that lives in the
gut and everybody has it but most people have it at a very low level and their
immune system keeps it in check alcohol could absolutely flip that balance in
the other direction and you could get an overgrowth of Candida so we have a lot
of products and support at our office for correcting microbiome imbalances
everybody who drinks should be taking something to correct the microbiome so
some of the things you can do was we talked about the hydration the other
thing is to get really really educated about alcohol we are finding more and
more people are having reactions to grains so unfortunately that means all
the grain based spirits and beverages are now suspect so I would steer people
more towards beverages that are non grain based so what that means
specifically is we need to look at stuff that’s clear so the brown liquor is out
because that is pretty much exclusively grain based so we need to look at clear
rums clear pure tequila’s and vodkas so the vodkas we’ve gotten into these very
high-end designer vodkas most of them unfortunately are made from grain so we
have to say bye-bye – Grey Goose and Belvedere those are both made from grain
and we need to focus on vodkas that are gluten free so that’s the other word to
look for if it’s gluten-free that should mean it does not have grain
in it so that’s a better way to go and the old-fashioned vodkas that are made
from potato are a much better choice tequila that is not Cuervo the bars in
our country that mostly just use Cuervo for your margaritas it is not pure
tequila remember before I was saying that there isn’t labeling laws to
protect us well that bottle of Cuervo the gold one
has got all kinds of artificial colors in it that it’s not supposed to be gold
and the clear one and the base for the for the gold one before they color it we
don’t know what’s in it it is not a hundred percent tequila they are using a
percentage of tequila and the rest is all filler so it’s anybody’s guess what
else is in there so a lot of times when people don’t feel well after they’ve had
a drink or two it may be the quality of the spirits it could also be what the
spirits are being mixed with so another sobering truth is you need to pick one
just one and stick with that one for that evening or event so none of this
having a beer and then having wine and then heavy cocktails or having cocktails
and then switching to beer it’s not good you’re you’re challenging your body way
too much so if health were money we’re kind of all born with a bank account and
some of us are born with a bank account that has a lot in it and some of us are
born with a bank account that’s close to empty depending upon the genetic
material that we’re inheriting when we’re born so every time we indulge in
certain behaviors like drinking we’re spending money so some of us have more
money to spend than others so it’s really important if you’re going to be
spending this health dollars by drinking that you’re going to be putting it back
in so that means exercising taking things that drive the toxins out of the
body correcting the microbiome again and making sure you can get the purest
highest quality type of alcohol so this is
a time to be cheap I know a lot of my friends spend a ton of money at Whole
Foods but then we’ll go out and I’ll watch what they order at the bar and
it’s it’s rubbish so it’s important that you try to get
the highest quality so again with the vodka look for the potato vodkas there
are gluten-free vodkas I find most of them that advertise gluten-free are made
from corn corn is also a little bit problematic for some people some people
that have more of the blood sugar issues we’re gonna have more of a problem with
a corn based vodka definitely want to go more towards the potato vodka for them
and when it comes to wine there is such a huge variation in in types of wine and
unfortunately most of the wine that you recognize is usually a bulk produced
wine so it’s going to be low quality and again we don’t have that labeling law
lots of these wines have a ton of chemicals in them they have sugar in
them they have artificial colors in them things that most of our patients would
not normally consume when they’re going out and they’re just ordering that glass
of wine and not asking questions not asking to see the bottle there they’re
exposing themselves to ingesting a lot of unnecessary things and a lot of
chemicals and things that they would not under any other circumstance probably
put in their body so with the holidays coming up I wanted to give you that
information and let you know that there there are choices you have when you go
out to drink first of all whether to drink or not drink at all that’s one
choice we’re kind of all in our country I think we’re still getting over the
fact that we had prohibition and we’re still kind of you know like a kid in a
candy store when it comes to alcohol but you absolutely can go out have a
fabulous time without drinking one of the things you can get at most
well-stocked bars I’ll show you this is a really old product called
Angostura bitters you can actually get this in the supermarket and even though
it does have a little bit of alcohol in it
you can ask the bartender to give you a club soda with bitters and it will turn
the club soda like a pale brown color so the other thing is if you’re at a party
where you don’t want to look like the only person that’s not drinking you can
order one of these it looks just like a cocktail and guess what this is actually
good for you bitters help the digestion bitters help the liver bitter is a
flavor that we tend to avoid got any arugula lovers out there those with my
friends that actually like the bitter so Angostura bitters
I think it’s originally used in a cocktail called an old fashioned don’t
recommend drinking the old-fashioned but do recommend asking the bartender’s to
give you Angostura bitters and club soda the other thing is it’s about the mixers
too so even if you are ordering a really nice choice for your spirit a nice
potato vodka if you are ordering it in a cocktail that’s going to involve sour
mix you need to stop and ask do they make their own sour mix the sour mix
very often again it’s like stuff you would never normally drink yellow dye
sugar sodium benzoate all kinds of crazy chemicals that you wouldn’t normally
drink and I think that most of the hangover that people feel it’s the
dehydration or a lot of times it’s the count the chemicals and the dots and
everything that your body just isn’t used to and in you know other
circumstances so find out if they have fruit juice if the fruit juice is
sweetened do they make their own sour mix can you just get your drink with a
squeeze of lime in it could you get it with some lime and Angostura bitters you
know basically you want to keep it super super super simple the other thing now
is we all have lyft and uber there is no excuse for anybody getting behind the
after they’ve been drinking and the other thing I want to put out there you
guys are grownups you’re gonna do what you want but please consider when you
are outside of your home if you’re in a public place or an unfamiliar
surrounding make the commitment to only have two servings so whatever it is
you’re drinking two servings then you’re done you’re on water or you’re on
Angostura bitters and club the rest of the night you first of all you’re gonna
feel okay in the morning second of all you’re not going to be doing something
foolish that you’re going to regret so two drinks I actually heard of this from
it was a reality show called a Millionaire Matchmaker so this woman
sends women on dates with millionaires and that was one of her rules that she
would not set a woman on a date unless the woman absolutely agreed no more than
two drinks nothing good comes comes after that second one that’s usually
it’s all downhill after that that’s when that part of the brain that sense of
judgment is just so altered after the second one so the third one is the one
that seems to really put everybody over the edge the other thing about that was
also to you know the having the whole designated driver thing that’s that’s a
fabulous idea as well and remember about your phone to that if you’re drinking
not a great time to finally get up the nerve to send that text message to
somebody so keep it to two and then you’ll have very few regrets the next
day so let me see what else can I say about what to drink did I miss anything have any questions no questions yet okay Facebook and Instagram if you guys
are local if you live in the state of Pennsylvania I also wanted to let you
know that we live in a control state which means the state controls our
access to wine and liquor so you’re really not going to get too much help
from the people that work in the stores there’s an exception here there we
actually have access to really great wine there’s a company in they have a
shop in Pennsauken they have a shop in Wilmington Delaware it’s called more
brothers and I’ve been a customer of theirs for about 25 years if you’re a
wine drinker and you live in the area that is the place to go that place you
can get a high quality bottle of wine for a low amount of money so I’ll give
you an example of why that’s important a very popular wine Chardonnay white wine
is often known for its oaky kind of flavor so an oak barrel costs over
$1,600 so with the price of an oak barrel being that high many of the lower
price chardonnays are actually adding oak flavor or they’re using a vet and
then stirring oak chips into the VAT so if you drink Chardonnay you should not
be spending less than 20 bucks a bottle just because chances are if it’s less
than $20 it’s going to be made with one of those shortcuts which can be toxic so
go to more brothers and tell them what you eat and they will recommend wines to
drink with what you eat or tell them what your budget is and they will
recommend wines for you their focus there is on education and they only sell
300 wines when you walk into a store and you see 3,000 wines you should know that
there catering to everybody and that you know
there’s going to be a lot of wines in there that are of the inferior quality
so that’s it for me please send your questions so we have a question organic
grapes are a better choice for wine than grapes that are convinced conventionally
grown and what happens after them is also important because there’s an aspect
of winemaking we call it winemaker intervention so it depends on how much
intervention the winemaker is comfortable with or needs to do so
starting out with organic grapes is a fabulous choice
however in Pennsylvania I’ve been a little underwhelmed by the organic wines
that they make available to us when you go outside of the lines that are
available to us and get your wines from other sources the field opens up there’s
a lot more choices there’s a lot of places in Europe that would never dream
of treating their grapes with chemicals or putting chemicals in their wines what
I like to focus on is very small productions a lot of farmer producers
that’s actually what more brother specializes in I have a link if you want
it you can do a Facebook message messenger thing to me and I’ll send you
a link so you can have some really pure organic chemical free no added sugar
paleo friendly vegan wines sent to your home so if that’s really important to
you send me a facebook messenger thing and I’ll send you the link so you can
order those wines we did have a change in the law in Pennsylvania we are now
permitted to have wineries shipped directly to us so if you’re serious
about wine or if you drink wine on any kind of regular basis I highly recommend
that you either go to more brothers and buy it or that you use this link and
have the wine shipped to you because you were going to get much much more bang
for your buck than if you’re just walking into the state store and just
not knowing anything and just pulling a bottle off the shelf because it’s got a
pretty label you’re subjecting yourself again to a lot of additives and
chemicals the other thing about the alcohol that we know is that we do know
that it is not good for the brain and maybe in post we can put up pictures of
people’s brains that have overdone it with the alcohol and you can see
pictures of it it’s it’s quite shocking to see what a brain looks like when
somebody has been consuming lots of alcohol for a long period of time so the
chemicals are also something that could be giving a negative effect to the brain yes there are so in boo Chalet there are
some Grand Cruz and Grand Cru means that that particular area has a reputation
for producing really high-quality Beaujolais and bootlace awesome this
time of year it is a wine that’s meant to be consumed right away so it’s very
fun it’s a very young wine and some of the places to look for on the Beaujolais
label are more gone Fleur a can’t think of the other ones but if you google the
Grand Cruz of Beaujolais you will see the names of them those are two out of I
want to say there’s a total of eight of them so I would look for a Beaujolais
from one of those regions and you’re going to be getting a nice high quality
Beaujolais and thank you for drinking Beaujolais Beaujolais needs more love
thank you that’s a great question I love
biodynamic wine I’m so glad you asked that
so bio dynamics is a system for not just not just creating wine but for taking
care of of the earth it was from the philosopher Rudolf Steiner
who was also the grandfather of the Waldorf movement for that’s a philosophy
for raising children so he came up with this theory of bio dynamics which starts
out with the organic farming of grapes but it does it in this kind of holistic
thing where the grapes are grown but they also are producing food on that
same farm and they’ll be animals that live on that farm as opposed to when you
start visiting wineries you’ll see that that is the exception not not the rule
so he believed that all of that has to occur on the same ground to make the
perfect eco sphere the perfect bio terrain and then there is a calendar
that’s followed that’s based on the phases of the Moon and they use very
natural substances depending on which phase the moon is in certain items will
be buried in the vineyard one of the famous ones is they will take a cow horn
they will put certain minerals in the cow horn and bury the cow horn in the
vineyard on a very specific time according to the lunar calendar and I
have tasted many many biodynamic wines and there is something about them that
is so magical and special and because of all of the attention that’s being paid
to all of these subtle things the quality of them is very high and again
they’re not going to be throwing chemicals and colors and sugars and all
that into the wines so they’re going to be a pure high-quality wine or hangover hangover cure great question
so I have Chinese herbs they’re available at my office and another
formula that actually pulls the toxins out you take them before you go to bed
so after you’ve consumed your alcohol I even take them if I’m traveling and I’m
eating food that’s like unusual for me so what they do is one of them pulls all
the toxins to it and then you just eliminate it out in the morning through
your intestines the other one actually kind of comes down the GI tract and
balances the GI tract again so again if you want a Facebook message me I’ll give
you the info on how to get those from us the other thing that you can get let me
see if again this year ah coconut water I’m not really attached to this brand
any coconut water you can get your hands on and of course if you can find organic
coconut water go with that coconut water has a lot of wonderful things to offer
us the best thing though about it after drinking is it’s going to deliver
hydration in a very small volume so you’re gonna get hydrated quicker
without flooding your stomach because when you’re if you’re hungover to the
point where your stomach is off then you’re going to not want to put a ton of
water in your stomach water is automatic which means it can trigger nausea can
make you throw up so you want to get the hydration into your body without
flooding your stomach with too much water the time to do that all the water
is before you drink coconut water is a beautiful beautiful thing
it puts backs the electrolytes because that’s the other thing that happens with
alcohol is it’s gonna mess up your electrolyte balance and the electrolytes
are kind of like the electrical system that support many of the activities of
the body so coconut water has got a lot of bioavailable potassium in it
and it helps you feel better really fast without again kind of that bloated
feeling that you can get from drinking a ton of water so coconut water is a must that’s great well thank you Instagram
thank you Facebook and Joey how about we go get a drink
sounds good bye

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