The Wine Cellar: Video Contest Honorable Mention 2018, Most Creative

A seed in the ground, in the soil. The rain comes, it pours, I grow. Roots out of the dirt, mother nature’s arms sprout, extend, branch out and twine your way around me. I am plucked from my mother adrift in a new world. An existence predetermined anchored to grow old, to wither away with time and like a leaf fall to the ground. Thousands of years old a formless immortality. Here in the Twilight among the Sun and Moon, I never grow old and yet age every day but how much sweeter the taste though my life was not in vain. I am the life blood of a thousand lands. A fertile valley, the fresh breath of promise. I am renewed by the Sun. I grow in the rain and let it all be washed away. Again I will come and it is always a sweeter life to be sacrificed for the precious love of wine.

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