The World’s Smallest Sparkling Wine Bottle | Wine Grenade Review

Welcome Welcome Welcome to Underneath the Bottle! I always do that, super energized! Alright, anyways! My name is Michael and today we are going to taste: The smallest bottle of Sparkling Wine… in the WORLD! Roll the intro. This is a pomegranate, that is a handgranade, and this is a “wine-grenade”. When you look at the size and the shape… it kind of looks like it. also the fact that it is super pressurized! So…ehm… Well for now, I am going to put this on the side over here carefully carefully So this is a “Sekt” which is a Austrian Sparkling Wine and it is a 100% Grüner Veltliner I am going to talk a little bit about the way it’s made It’s almost made like a Champagne but not… I am going to get a little bit technical a little bit technical and talk a little about it but we are going straight to the opening and the tasting right after that but hang with me now, alright So it is made by a technique called the “transfer method” So you start off with the base wine after the 1st fermentation just like any normal wine and then you can mix and blend it, and make a cuvee. From other vintages and parcels Depending on the winemaker of course. And then the wine will be bottled on a normal sized bottle. With additional yeast and sugar/must. To start off the 2nd fermentation. …Inside the bottle. This is where the bubbles and the pressure is made. Just like in Champagne! Now the bottle and the wine needs to age on the lees. For about 9months to 5years! This also depends on the winemaker and what kind of style he wants. So far, so good. From here on, there is nothing like the Champagne method But we do want to separate the dead lees from the wine… Without loosing the pressure that we made So the bottles are now opened and transferred into a tank under high pressure. Hence the name “transfer method” And then the wine will be clarified trough high pressured filters and re-bottled into these small, tiny bottles this is typically used if you want to have a different size of bottle. Ok, we are going to open it now. Look at this though. Huh? Jjeezus Christ! It looks like a potion veil or something that Harry Potter would use. It’s so tiny! I’m not sure how to do this. Can I please have it? Ok! *pop!* Alright, so we made it! Jjeezus Christ! Look at that huge trunk on that cork, compared to that Ok, so I am glad it didn’t explode all over this place That was some work out… Ok. So one task done… straight to the other one let’s taste it! So this is 12.5cl There is some fine bubbles in there, actually this is quality! let’s smell it! Not that intense on the nose Kind of disappointed You know like… It smells like when you open a… box of crackers like kind of a mix of carton and crackers and citrus in here let’s get on the palate lemon green apple a little bit of that… like that… biscuit flavor on the finish with additional herbs So that was the end of this video! I hope you learned something new, I hope I learned… I DID learn something new ehm, this is a first for me! the WORLDS smallest sparkling wine If you liked this video make sure to give that a BIG FAT! Thumbs-Up! and ehm… Kanpai!! *clink!*


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